Long awaited December is here again. To celebrate this wonderful winter time we will hold a special gift exchange draw game as well as offer an opportunity to take a break during busy Christmas preparations.

December relaxation - take a friend with you and come to float, we have a special offer for a 75 minute parallel session for two with a special price of 75€. This offer is also available as a gift card and suitable for Christmas present. Gift card available in our webshop - Christmas offer

Draw game - everyone who comes for a floating session, purchases our gift card or buys Aivel products during December can participate in the draw to win one of these prizes:
  • GRAND PRIZE - KULLAPESA: a stay by the clouds with a cozy wooden sauna at Kullapesa. This exceptional tiny house is built on top of a 12 meter high water tower and offers spectacular views all around. Here the time is still, your mind rests and thoughts go wandering in the dreamland - welcome to Kullapesa - www.kullapesa.ee
  • FLOATING SESSION FOR TWO: 90 minute parallel floating session for two, more information - www.floating.ee
  • AIVEL SURPRIZE PACKAGE: surprize package includes goods from Aivel webshop with a total value of 60€. Aivel imports various Chinese medicine and health products, massage accessories and natural food supplements. More information - www.aivel.ee
  • FLOATING SESSION: 75 minute relaxing floating session for one, more information - www.floating.ee
Anyone purchasing via webpage will be added to the draw game automatically. The ones visiting our office for floating session or gift card or buying Aivel goods at the spot can leave their contact email for participation once at the office.
Draw will take place in the beginning of January and winners will be contacted directly via email.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas season - Floating team.

Floating is about everything that you won't be doing. You won't be fighting gravity. The 400 kg of Epsom salt in the water takes care of that while you lie on your back.
Floating is an alternative to scientific term REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique). Floating tank was invented by Doctor John C. Lilly in 1954. He himself experimented and used a floating tank extensively, he has also written multiple interesting books about it.


People float to relive stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain and much more. Floating naturally increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that lasts for days afterward. Without the need to fight gravity or take-in external information, you'll likely experience the most complete relaxation you've ever felt.

Everything you experience while floating comes from within yourself. It's the perfect time to reflect on your life, and find the creative as well as personal insight you need. Float tanks can also be thought of as training wheels for meditation. After about 30-45 minutes of floating, your mind starts producing theta brainwaves, which are responsible for that state between waking & sleeping. After years of practice, people can enter theta state through meditation. Float tanks get you there effortlessly.

People have cut strokes off their golf game, developed complex scientific theories, and drafted whole portions of books thanks to floating. With nothing to distract you, your level of concentration and knowledge absorption is astonishing.
Floating is an opportunity to take time off and to find few minutes for yourself. A chance to step from outside world to the inner and deeper thoughts inside you, to open the door of new ideas and creativity, shake off what does not belong and find what feels true.


Great gift idea - offer someone else the perfect relaxation and effortless resting experience.